Skopelos, the “Emerald Island”, as it has been rightfully given this name. 80% of the area of ​​Skopelos, is covered by beautiful forests and is surrounded by countless of beaches, with turquoise crystal clear waters. Beautiful beaches, hotels of all categories and delicious food in many corners of the island complete the puzzle of successful holidays.

Skopelos, the “Emerald Island”

Skopelos is an island where the “green” and the “blue” accompany you wherever you go! Many visitors from Greece and abroad decide to spend their holidays in Skopelos, preferring quiet vacations in a green environment with several attractions, delicious food and many activities. So if you are wondering where to stay, where to go, what to do and what to see? I have the most interesting suggestions for you.

Of course, the map of Skopelos will also help you. Walk the wonderful alleys of the “Glossa”.

Admire the architecture of the houses. So close to each other …. The streets are so narrow … So beautiful!

Visit “Agios Ioannis”.

It is the small church that stands for centuries now, on a huge rock, in the northern part of the island. Some scenes from the movie “Mama Mia” (ling) were shot there and not unjustly! A little further is the beach “Perivoliou”

and “Spilia”

which is worth visiting. “Armenopetra”


also a beautiful beach. In Elios / Neo Klima, there are the beaches “Elios” and “Chovolo”

The second one, in fact, was voted the 8th best beach in Greece. “Kastani” is one of the organized beaches, where some shootings of “Mama Mia” took place.

“Milia” is the largest beach on the island. “Panormos” and “Agnontas”

the two natural ports of Skopelos. “Limnonari” with its calm waters. “Stafylos” beach.

Somewhere around there you will find the ruins of the palace of King Staphylos as well as his tomb. Free yourself. Visit the beach “Velanio”.

This is an official nudist beach in Skopelos, which is the only one on the island. You will find it next to the beach of Stafylos in the southern part of Skopelos. Extra tip: Rent a boat to explore the small, inaccessible, almost individual beaches of the island, which only from the sea you can admire.

Activities: Visit “Sentoukia”. An archeological place where you will find the tombs of kings and pirates during the Roman period. At this point you get a nice view of Alonissos. A walk from the skopelosexperience would be a beautiful experience for adults and kids. A great place with animals, trees and many sour cherries. In Skopelos you can also try diving with the organized diving center and also hiking. In Skopelos you will find 5 marked routes to Glossa, Loutraki, Delphi mountain, Palouki peak and more.

Wondering where to eat? Well-cooked, delicious food awaits you at Elios / Neo Klima (look for the famous taverns “Kaptan Spyros” and “Tassos” and try some premium fingerfood and of course “tsipouro”). Now take your day to the next level.. in the afternoon, at the “Palataki” wine bistro, with special music, fine dining and complete your evening with a wonderful refreshing cocktail. In “Coast line tours” (+302424034277) in Elios / Neo Klima you can rent cars, motorbikes, bicycles and boats. They also have boats that organize excursions to various destinations. Do you want another walk in nature?

Visit the “Pig” lighthouse built in the northern part of Skopelos.

It is one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece. It was build in 1889 and is several meters high. Finally, before you leave, you must try a twisted Skopelos cheese pie which is our “special”.

I hope i did my best presenting this beatifull paradise to you… Visit Skopelos to experience all this up close.

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