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Skopelos the “Emerald Island”

Skopelos, the “Emerald Island”, as it has been rightfully given this name.
80% of the area of ​​Skopelos, is covered by beautiful forests and is surrounded by countless of beaches, with turquoise crystal clear waters.
Beautiful beaches, hotels of all categories and delicious food in many corners of the island complete the puzzle of successful holidays.

Explore Skopelos

Hovolo Beach

Explore Skopelos

Kastani Beach

Explore Skopelos

Milia Beach

Mama mia

Agios Ioannis

I would love to start writing about Greece’s beauties, but I will focus only on one island, my paradise, Skopelos. Skopelos, in my eyes, is a beautiful which raised me and filled my heart with so many amazing memories.
But where exactly is this paradise?

Skopelos, is in the western Aegean Sea and compromises the Northern Sporades island group. It is part of Thessaly Region and it has 4.960 inhabitants. From a geographical perspective, Skopelos island has two mountains, Delphi and Palouki. Also, Skopelos, an area of 96 square kilometres, is bigger than Mykonos and Santorini.
As every part of Greece has its own history, let me give you some historic and mythological background about this amazing paradise.
Legend says that Staphelos, son of the god Dionysos and the Cretan princess Ariadne, was the founder of Skopelos. During the Bronze Age, the Cretans colonized Skopelos which was known as Peparethos and not Skopelos.

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